Secure, quick, facile

The need to create light structures, quick and stable in various productive sectors and Iranian trade.


No pillar, no abutment



Customer Orientation

Customer orientation and respecting Customers and moving according to their demands 


Slogan and goal and action

Do what no others can do

Farafoolad structures have no competitor in stability and montage.

Fara Foolad Taranom company is detailed consultation with experts and run fast and safe working area.

Diversity and speed

Farafooladtaranom produce self-sustaining structures 5000 square meters per month without any pillar and abutment with the purpose of domestic production and occupation in various sections of industrial, educational, sports and ext.


It has a direct relation with the return of initial investment during the creation of buildings include production hall, utilities, office and ext. The amount of investing In various projects industrial, educational, sports, business, Ext is one of the major investor’s problems so it is completely optimized in our self-sustaining structures.


It is rare in to stability By dividing the weight of the structures in all parts of the foundation due to having the lowest weight per square meter than any other structure at the point-to-point connection to each other all buildings the tensions is divided in all parts of the structure .

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Fara Foolad Taranom Company

Design, manufacture and installation of structures self-sustaining technology

Farafoolad taranom have started since 1392 with the history of 10 years research on the self-sustaining structures have succeed in localize the production line is self-retaining structures in various sections of industrial, educational, sports and ext. Some of the reasons for the popularity of our services:

  • High quality
  • Durability and high resistance
  • Beautiful and Professional design
  • Reduce the cost of construction
  • Fast montage and installation
  • Variations in color and material
  • Pollution control
  • Ability to build span of 2 to 85 m
For more information, you can now download the catalog information here.